Frequently Asked Questions.

What Do We Do?


Well, it’s much less about what we do – and much more about what you can do for yourself with our help!

Ubique Motor DIY is a self-service garage for the motor enthusiast, the budding or trained mechanic and anyone else who needs a clean, safe and fully-equipped garage to inspect, maintain or repair a vehicle.

We provide all the equipment you need – and the expertise, too, if you need help – to keep your car looking superb and running beautifully. All you need to do is bring yourself and the car – you can even bring your own parts, if you want to - to our easily-accessible, uber-tidy garage and we’ll show you where everything is and how to use it. Then, it’s up to you, although we’re on hand to give you help diagnose and fix any problem.


Why Not Just Go To A Traditional Garage?


Many people struggle to pay traditional garages to do even basic work. Labour alone can cost £80 an hour, and a basic service will set you back £150 or more. We solve that problem, by equipping you to do the work and only involving our qualified mechanics when you need them. If you can do it yourself, then do it yourself!

Also, we know that many people want to look after their cars, but don’t have the place or the tools to do it. Well, we solve that problem for people just like you by renting our superb repair shop and spanking new equipment to you at very reasonable rates.

But perhaps the best reason for using a DIY garage like Ubique is the massive satisfaction you will get from driving away from us in a car that looks, sounds and drives great knowing you did it yourself!

Everything you need to do a great job yourself at minimal cost – what could be better than that!


What If I Get Stuck?


Everything about Ubique is designed to keep you out of trouble and allow you to do as good a job on your car as a qualified mechanic could. We’re on hand to give you advice when you want it, and will step in to diagnose and solve any problems whenever you want. At Ubique, you’ll never feel you’re out of your depth or lost – and, like all of our customers, you’ll love solving most of your problems yourself.


But What If I’m Really Stuck?


You won’t be! Ubique Motor DIY is located in an industrial estate and is

•next to a body shop (car bodies, that is – no make-up involved)

•20 metres from a national motor factors

•and within 100 metres of four dedicated garages

all of which work in partnership with Ubique to ensure that any and every motoring problem can be fixed. There’s even a deli and a pasty shop very close by, so you won’t go hungry!


Who Uses Ubique?


Our customers are motor enthusiasts – people who love their cars and want them working optimally. Some are absolute experts, some are complete beginners, and a lot are in between. They include:

•classic car owners

•people who want to upgrade their motors

•motorsport enthusiasts

•trained mechanics

•people who want to buy, upgrade and sell machines

All of them are people who like saving money and like to do a great job themselves.


It Sounds Too Good To Be True – What’s The Catch?


There really – really – isn’t one. Ubique is here for anyone who wants to work on their motor vehicle - car, bike or cycle. If you want to build a kit-car, soup-up a racer, buff up your classic car or simply keep your nice little runner on the road, Ubique Motor DIY has everything you need at a price you can afford.