My Philosophy


My Philosophy


I love engines and electronics. I suppose that’s just as well, having spent 34 years in the Navy keeping helicopters in the air. Aircraft maintenance isn’t something you get half-right, some of the time – it needs to be spot-on, every time, without fail. To do that, you have to be organised, methodical, love a challenge and really enjoy a project. There’s nothing to match the thrill of finding, investigating and sorting out problems – unless it’s helping other people do that for themselves.


That’s why I established Ubique Motor DIY – the first do-it-yourself garage in Cornwall and Devon. I want as many people as possible to get the same enjoyment I do from being able to fix their own motors, and to be around to help out if they feel a bit out of their depth.


I’ve spent a lot of time setting up Ubique, thinking about what you’ll need and getting it together. I can put into your hands all those essential things you’ll need to maintain and self-service your car or bike, and can point you to other businesses that I work with and trust if what you need to do requires a specialist.


Some other things about me.


    •I like helping, trusting and meeting people

    •Safety, safety, safety – three things that are really important to me!

    •I love overcoming problems and achieving things

    •I won’t be beaten, and will go above and beyond your expectations to help you out

    •I like to be efficient, and don’t like waste

    •I don’t believe in quick-fixes – I want the job to be done properly


If any of what you’ve read here appeals to you and you want to talk about your vehicle, please give me a call. Can’t wait to hear from you.


Mark “Reg” Perrett